Our values are what drive us, and we want to convey them through our surroundings and our products.


We are entrepreneurs and adventurers. We are curious and mindful. We are open to the world. We demonstrate courage and creativity in every single one of our projects, in our choices and through each of our brands. Every day we dare to take up challenges in order to move forward in the direction that we have chosen. We believe in action and pushing one’s limits.


We dream of a more beautiful world. Our pursuit of aesthetics permeates everything we do and create. We believe that beauty can be found in simplicity. We like raw, clean lines and art in all its forms. We find our inspiration in the city as well as in nature and we are always looking to develop the talents and energies that surround us.


We want to inspire and give the very best that we have to offer. We value community as well as diversity. We put people at the heart of our projects and our ideas. We listen to those around us. We want to invite people to share our passion, our vision and our commitment to come together to make things happen and move towards a more ethical world, more ethical brands and a more ethical way of consuming.


We want to combine pleasure and respect for the environment. Because being kind to the planet can be go hand in hand with being good to yourself. We are committed to demonstrating how these objectives can be reconciled. Our sites and products enable people to combine harmony and well-being and have fun.