It’s all about balance

We are not inventing anything, Yin and Yang existed long before us. We have embraced the concept of balance because we believe that responsibility does not have to mean moderation and restraint. A balance between effort and relaxation; between personal challenge and team project; between indoor and outdoor; between city and nature; between responsible consumption and enjoyment.

Climbing is a sport in which the word balance makes complete sense. A passionate and inspiring sport that unites nature with the city, the outdoors and the indoors. A sport where enjoyment rubs shoulders with effort, personal challenges are experienced on the rope or in a group, satisfaction lies not at the top of the wall but in the personal challenge or the collective success.

We are climbers, we feel all the energy that our passion brings us every day, this desire to progress together, this desire to preserve the nature that is our playground during our weekends and holidays. We believe that climbing is a sport that is open to all, it’s a sport of balance where everyone finds their own way of expressing themselves, where everyone is able to reconcile their ambitions and enjoyment, their personal satisfaction and the conviviality of the community, where everyone finds their place and takes part in the shared challenge of preserving the planet and living together in harmony.