Moving towards a new dynamic every day

Founded in 2013 and led by 4 associate entrepreneurs who share the same ethical and environmental values, arkose&co is a group born from a passion for climbing and conviviality.

Since the very first Arkose and MRoc blocparks opened, offering urbanites spaces dedicated to the practice of bouldering and offering a friendly atmosphere based on good food and craft beverages, the arkose&co ecosystem has evolved to serve a population in search of values.

And so Oskare, a beer for climbers, was born during a meeting between the 4 associates and Louis, AKA loulou.

The MurMur group also joined, a historical network of climbing halls, along with Snap, a French climbing equipment company specializing in crash pads.

With all of these brands, arkose&co strives to convey a message of respect for the environment, for others and for oneself, through products and activities. They encourage everyone to challenge themselves, to get to know one other, to socialize and to get out of their comfort zone through play.
Today, arkose&co encompasses bouldering, rock climbing, restaurants, bars, yoga rooms, craft beer and environmentally friendly climbing clothing and equipment. It also comprises 5 brands: Arkose, MROC, MurMur, Oskare and SNAP. Finally and most importantly, there are its 300 employees, all united by the same values, passionate about their profession, whether they are a receptionist, a route developer, chef, server, monitor, product manager, marketing manager, sales representative, accountant, recruiter, etc. Each day, every single employee works to spread the group’s values, give meaning to their work and make the world a better place.

Dreamt up by urban entrepreneurs and climbers in 2013, Arkose is a committed brand that puts forward an innovative concept: ethical, aesthetic and urban living spaces that unite passionate people through good values and time spent sharing and talking with each other. Blocparks are places where you can practice bouldering, chill with friends or family and enjoy craft, local and seasonal products at the bar or at the restaurant. There is also the chance to discover local talent through concerts, workshops and exhibitions.

The idea for MRoc was dreamt up by two climbing organizations, Climb Up and Arkose, who shared a common goal: to deliver their vision of responsible climbing, both in the city and in nature. The Lyon offshoot of the Arkose brand, MRoc bloc & bistro offers Lyon residents neighborhood spaces, trendily decorated with vintage furniture and provide a platform for local talent and expertise. Designed with climbing in mind, one can go there to climb, chat, have a bite to eat or simply to work.

Bought by the arkose&co group in 2018, MurMur strives to make climbing more accessible and encourages them to come together through the sport. It offers Parisians the chance to climb together in unusual places and practice rope climbing. It delivers a vision of climbing that sits between tradition and modernity, an urban leisure activity combining wellness and conviviality, and always in harmony with the spirit of nature and the mountains.

Founded in 2017, Oskare is a brand of local and independent craft beers born from a meeting between arkose&co and Loulou. Oskare revolves around beers inspired by the world of climbing. Oskare is conscious of its environmental impact, which is why the brand is working hand in hand with responsible actors. The beers are created with local malts and aromatic hops. Far from mass distribution, Oskare is a gourmet brand that chooses distribution partners who share its values and its desire for more responsible consumption.

Born in the 90s in Chamonix, SNAP is an iconic French brand which is known in the climbing world for its independent and innovative vision of climbing products. Acquired by the arkose&co group in 2017, SNAP maintains its commitment to responsible consumption and has broken away from constraints, allowing it to create a new spontaneous, free and aesthetic way of climbing. SNAP seeks manufacturing methods and materials that are the most suited to resilience and aesthetics while at the same time minimizing the degradation of the planet that we call home. It is developing new textiles and helping factories work towards achieving social and environmental excellence.