To develop an eco-system where everyone finds their balance

arkose & co is a system which commits to not setting limits, so that everyone: employees, members of the community or customers, can feel like they belong and find their own balance.

The blocparks are hubs, they are living spaces organized around a central sport, bouldering, which is friendly and fun in nature.

They serve as places where climbers, yogis, foodies, artists and street artists, artisans and creatives, local beer enthusiasts, environmentalists, families, young and old can meet and talk.

These are places where we can play sports, chill, stretch, eat local and seasonal food, drink artisanal and local beverages, come and see exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, go to tastings. We come alone, in groups, with family, with friends, whatever we want, because we know that we will be welcomed there and that we will meet someone there.

The arkose&co ecosystem covers bouldering, rock climbing, restaurants, bars, local beer production, the manufacturing and distribution of equipment and clothing for climbers and urbanites, it has no limits, it has only good ingredients and all it needs is energy in order to develop even further and more widely.

It is committed to taking on more environmental and social responsibility: we are working with passionate local actors (photographers, artists, designers, etc.). Our producers, respectful of the land and the product, are not too far away in order to help limit our environmental impact. Forget major brands, we choose to promote artisan products or create our own products in order to honor our commitments to sustainable development.

We offer our customers textiles and accessories that are designed to last and which are made from materials that are manufactured in a way that respects people and the environment. We choose family-run factories with a human dimension.

The arkose&co ecosystem oriented towards human adventure. Our mission is to find potential, believe in them, listen to them, support them and watch them grow. We want to make them proud to be working in our group, a group that values community and teamwork while acknowledging that everybody is individual.