Sustainable development

Issues and missions

“What are the major societal issues that relate to arkose&co’s core business activities? ”
This is the question that we asked ourselves, and that we keep asking ourselves regularly. In response, we have agreed on five priority sustainable development missions which guide our short and long-term decisions.

1 – Climate change

FINDING:climate change is the greatest existential threat to humanity, and it is also a threat to all ecosystems.

MISSION:one of arkose&co’s main vocations is restoration: restoring places, restoring people. Our impact on this issue, both negative and positive, is a drop in the ocean, but we want to do our bit. Our mission: to be a player in the energy rehabilitation of buildings and a low-carbon energy supply.

OBJECTIVE: carbon neutral in 2025 (in “scope 3”, which means all greenhouse gas emissions created due to the existence of the arkose&co group are taken into account).

2 – Breakdown of biodiversity and soil depletion

FINDING:the breakdown of biodiversity and soil depletion represent another global threat to humanity and ecosystems.

MISSION:contribute to the agricultural transition towards a regenerative agriculture of ecosystems. By “regenerative agriculture” we mean all agricultural techniques that restore biodiversity, increase carbon sequestration in the soil and optimize the water cycle and crop resilience.

OBJECTIVE:in 2022, 60% of the products supplied should be produced using agricultural methods that regenerate soil and biodiversity and that respect the natural rate of resource renewal. This already seems ambitious to us, but if the agricultural fabric changes quickly, we will try to do even better.

3 – Overconsumption and resource depletion

FINDING:non-renewable resources are being depleted and renewable resources are being used at a rate which exceeds their capacity for renewal.

MISSION:to show that simplicity is a factor of economic success and compatible with aesthetics.

OBJECTIVE:to consume as few resources as possible (materials, energy, water), produce minimal waste and turn it into a resource, only buy second-hand products or products with the best possible durability, produce sturdy and repairable goods and avoid encouraging overconsumption.

4 – Loss of meaning in work life

FINDING: for 9 in 10 employees, the issue of meaning in the work life is a major issue*. “Meaning” has several definitions: respect for values, ethics, usefulness of the work, understanding of duties, contribution to a global project, clear objectives in a defined strategy, access to information and the power to question. The health of arkose&co and our ability to accomplish our objectives are directly dependent on the motivation and competence of our employees, who in turn depend on their training and sense of meaning at work.

*source: study “meaning or lack of meaning at work” by Deloitte and Viadeo, December 2017

MISSION:to create jobs that provide personal fulfillment and give meaning to each role by linking it to arkose&co’s overall project.

OBJECTIVE:to create as many permanent positions as possible that center on strong values, provide training for employees, recognize the quality of their work, allow them to progress within the company and provide secure working conditions.

5 – Sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity

FINDING: insufficient physical activity and sedentary lifestyles are considered by WHO to be the 4th biggest cause of death in the world. Climbing is a sport that combines flexibility, strength, concentration and reflection. Excellent for both body and mind at any age – our climbers range from 2 to 85 years old! Climbing is also a stepping stone to reconnecting with nature.

MISSION:to improve access to indoor climbing, design climbing halls and train employees to ensure the safest possible conditions for practicing the sport.

OBJECTIVE:we plan to open 9 new blocparks in 2020 and 15 in 2021, in France and abroad. Our objective is to achieve an injury rate of less than 0.1%.